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Food From Argyll was born during 2007 to promote the wonderful food that is either farmed, made or harvested throughout Argyll.

There is such a wonderful selection of fantastic foods available from our sea lochs and hills and yet there has been no organised direct route to the consumer from the producer. Food From Argyll aim is to make this possible and to raise the profile of food from this area.

The founder and core members are all primary producers of a variety of foods derived from either the hills, farms or sea lochs. The question was :- where do we start? There was an obvious opening during August 2007, it was Connect Music Festival which was held at Inveraray castle. Food From Argyll was the main cooked food provider for the festival goers. The members traded from one single marquee but each member had their own identity within. A fantastic selection of food – something for everyone’s taste! Food From Argyll was on the map!! In subsequent years many more festivals have been attended with the group travelling to other venues in Scotland, England, Wales & Northern Ireland. 

Whilst festivals keep the brand in the public eye and help spread the word, the ultimate aim of the group still remains the same :- to make it easy for the general public to source their favourite food direct from the producer. The internet is the obvious link but logistics make it difficult to provide all from one location.

Please look at Food From Argyll website to learn more

One member who is local to us is Argyll Smokery run by Alan MacDougall and Karen Baxter. They provide smoked seafood to die for – we are so confident in their range of products that we have added them  to our on-line shop – please have a look.

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